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Top 20 MLM Movers and Shakers ranked by BusinessforHome.org as of September 2012

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Disclaimer – This document is created by ARIIX Networking, and is not related to nor ratified ARIIX. There may be small miscalculations, while maintaining the aspect ratio. Serves only for indicative purposes. ARIIX Networking is not responsible for the misinterpretation of any compensation plan, failure to calculate commissions, or make sure that all calculations reflect recent compensation plans of companies. Updated on May 2012

Dr. Fred Cooper, PhD

Fred Cooper, ARIIX CEO, has a perfect vision of what should be a last generation Network Marketing Company, which offers its members a range of innovative products and probably the best compensation plan in the industry. The “Self-Balancing” is revolutionary and it is just one of the factors that make the ARIIX Compensation Plan Active 8, is singular, and subject to patent pending.

Fred Cooper is one of the world’s experts in the direct sales management, being known for his personality, fun energy, human, simple, and with a real passion to help others. He has two doctorates in statistics and is founder of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Utah. Fred is one of the co-founders of ARIIX

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is the president of ARIIX. The reason why he is a great supporter of network marketing is his love for people and his passion for teaching others to spur entrepreneurship.

Mark has more than 23 years of experience in the direct selling industry and he controls every aspect of distributors. As per his previous experience to generate millions of dollars in business, Mark learned the importance of establishing a strong partnership between management and distributors, making sure that the needs of the latter are always first. Mark is one of the co-founders of ARIIX

Jeff Yates

Jeff is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Bachelor and Master of Accounting from one of the largest and best accounting schools in the world. He brings over 26 years of leadership experience in finance and accounting for the new company.

Jeff is responsible for the company’s financial reporting, accounting, tax, treasury, investor relations and human resources. He works closely with Riley Timmer on the international expansion of ARIIX.

Riley Timmer

Riley Timmer is leading the international expansion of ARIIX, working with individuals and companies worldwide. During the first 18 months after opening ARIIX, Riley helped the company to get established in 11 different international markets. He is co-founder of ARIIX, and plays the role of Director of Operations.

Riley brings us more than a decade of experience in managing global businesses, with a focus directed towards global solutions in order to assure that ARIIX is a great solution for those looking to take your health and life in general from good to fantastic .

Dr. Ray Strand, MD

Dr Ray Strand is one of the doctors with greater worldwide recognition about the health and well-being by natural means – the nutrition. He supports the statement from the one that is considered the father of modern medicine – Hippocrates “let your food be your medicine … “.

Dr Ray Strand wrote several books as a result of its investigations and his accumulated knowledge. One of the best known books of this author “What your doctor does not know about natural medicine which may be killing you.”

Deanna Latson

Deanna Latson, is the product development director. She is a recognized expert in nutrition since 1996.

Deanna has been a lecturer, consultant, spokesperson and writer, and she has been invited by some of the largest universities and companies on the world. Her passion for perfection is to make the ARIIX product line innovative and superior in quality al across the all industry. She brought some of the greatest minds in medicine into the ARIIX team. Deanna is also co-founder of ARIIX.

Tim Sales

Tim realized the lack of training of those who adhered to the Network Marketing and started a training center, and a school of entrepreneurship. As a result of his experience, he is internationally known as a leading fighter for the industry.

He was the only distributor to be interviewed live on the famous program “Larry King.” He is the No. 1 distributor of ARIIX and is committed to the success of this company and the training of this team of distributors.

Robert Allen

Author of New York Times “Best Sellrs”, financial expert, successful trainer, former distributor of USANA with higher incomes.

Robert is one of successful distributors that joined ARIIX. He is a financial expert and has had traditionally successful business. His knowledge in various business disciplines is a key element in today’s business.


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