Weight loss vs Fat loss

The system Slenderiix / Slenderiiz is an agent to support weight loss, making it easier to lose those unwanted pounds.
Limiting your calorie intake to 1250 calories daily, supplemented with Slenderiiz, your goals are not a dream but a reality.


This article will explore not to lose weight, but to lose fat in reality.


Remember that Burn Fat can equate to lose weight, but weight loss can not equate to fat loss. This is what makes the Slenderiiz system as important as an weight loss agent, because it helps us lose the right kind of fats. After all, there is the water body weight, the muscle weight – even the clothes with which it hangs in the balance weight are added.


Keep in mind that you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time and since muscle mass equals weight on the scale, remember that this may not be the best indicator of weight loss (fat loss).

Of course you can lose weight eating nothing but a Snickers a day. However, the quality of the weight lost is not the most desirable. Who wants to be a person without any skeletal muscle or tone? Skeletons are not very attractive.

Therefore, without being too technical, let soak in calorie reduction, since this seems to be the most difficult for anyone, the weight loss program.

Here goes:

1. Eating using the non-dominant hand.

Simple, right? Therefore, if you’re right handed eat using only your left hand and vice versa. Why it works … because slows the process. What about eating more slowly, you will eat less. Very simple and very straightforward. Here’s another benefit for your brain to work more, which is never a bad thing. Give it a try!

2. Do not let the food touch each other on the plate.

OK, this is not an obsessive compulsive thing. It has everything to do with controlling portions. Like I said, do not change what you eat … this suggestion helps you simply cut the amount you’re eating. This change in behavior is a fantastic first step. Ensure that foods are well separated on the plate. Give it a try, you will also notice that there seems to be more food on your plate as the foods are more separated. When the food put on top of each other on the plate, the plate still appears not full.

3. Put down the fork between each bite taken to the mouth.

Similar to the first suggestion, this allows slow down while eating. The brain takes around 15-20 minutes to give you the information that you’re full … Well, if you are devouring the food, you’re eating more than you need at that time. Let your brain tells you that you are satisfied before the stomach tells you ate too much and feel unwell.

4. Turn off your phone.

This is one of the most irritating – mobile phones at the table, especially when people are at the table together without socializing, because their eyes are always buried in mobile phones. But beyond that, when you’re distracted, you eat more. Be it your phone, a book, or TV … People distracted start eating and eating more. Instead, surround yourself with the person (or people) on the table, without other distractions. We have a habit of nightly ask Ella what was the best part of your day. Now, guaranteed, she still has not done three years but often continues to give the correct answer, playing, jumping on her trampoline, hitting on his sister (yes, this was the answer of the night – but we’ll keep trying) etc. . And we will continue to ask you this until she left the house, even if she, as a teenager, think it’s be silly.

5. Start your meal with a salad.

In restaurants there is always a basket of bread on the table. But if this was exchanged for a salad … or when you’re at home, start each meal with a salad, you will eat less overall. Assuming that the salad is not full of cheese, creamy sauces and bacon … but that’s a different matter. The plants take up much space in the stomach (a good thing) and so you eat less “heavier” calories.

6. Make vegetables and fruits most of your meal.

Like sautéed? Great, now use the vegetables as a base and add your protein above or anything else. Want oatmeal in the morning?

Fill in the first bowl with fruit, then add the porridge above. See how this works? Again, vegetables and fruit, make up the main part of the meal and the rest just fills the gaps.




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