ARIIX—THE Opportunity Company™ is excited to announce the appointment of Arizona-based skincare specialist Carolyn B. Melby to its Wellness Council. This Council, composed of an exclusive group of individuals who are renowned experts in their individual fields, helps make important decisions regarding the direction of the company’s six independent product lines.

Ms. Melby brings more than three decades of experience in the skincare industry to the Council, along with a passion for helping people improve their personal and professional lives. A certified Medical Aesthetician with a background in business management, Ms. Melby founded and managed several skincare clinics throughout the Chandler, AZ area while also serving in senior management positions with several key cosmetic companies including Lelexo and Estee Lauder.

Ms. Melby’s business acumen and experience, along with her outstanding people skills and motivation to create successful opportunities for everyone around her, make her a perfect fit for ARIIX.

“I’m excited for this opportunity to work with the Wellness Council, offer support to the ARIIX community, and help others strengthen their passion and commitment for making a powerful difference for their families, themselves, and the world,” says Ms. Melby of this incredible appointment.

Ms. Melby holds a degree in business administration and management along with certifications as a Medical Aesthetician, laser technician, and life coach. She is active in her community and loves to dedicate free time to helping organizations and individuals in need. She currently serves as Immediate Past President of her local Toastmasters International Club, assists with local community events, and supports several non-profit organizations.

“We are pleased to welcome Ms. Melby to the team,” says Deanna Latson, ARIIX Chief Product Officer and Founder. “Her enthusiasm and dedication to igniting positive change in everyone around her make her an ideal candidate. We look forward to outstanding achievements with her on the Wellness Council.”

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