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Network Marketing is it for me?

We know that to achieve the desired financial freedom you should constitute a company. A system that works for you, which is developed independently, giving you the freedom to do what you really want in your life because you have the financial capacity to do it.

According to Robert Kiosaky´s  4 quadrants of performance, you are an investor. Now consider the following factors and key points.

Network Marketing Opportunity

  • Opportunity for growth;
  • Career plans accessible to all;
  • Remuneration quite aggressive;
  • Bonds;
  • Residual Income;
  • Constant training;
  • Flexible schedule;
  • Owning your own business;
  • Recognition of your work.

This is it  – GENERAL NOTION

The network marketing is a distribution concept based on the fact that satisfied customers recommend products. In this way they are supposed to do it in a more emotional way that is most effective. Thus, it is a smart way to disseminate products and services that more and more new or traditional companies are following.

Other terms may be for example:

Referral Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Direct Selling.

The concept is gaining increasing projection thanks to chains of logistics supply that allows economical and quick deliveries.

Since normally the shops and local supermarkets are physical storage of products, where customers will find what they need, in direct selling through a purchase online or by a phone call, you can easily reach the products desired.

Several misconceptions were generated over time due to lack of information and some myths are appearing such as:

  • It is the concept of pyramid selling
  • It is not a serious matter where the money actually moves
  • A few people earn a lot and the others work for them

Before forming a completely distorted opinion on the model, find reliable sources on the subject, as you would consult with a cardiologist if you had a heart problem.

In short, open your mind to the analysis of the person who leads a network marketing company and analyze its results, his knowledge and its pros and cons independently.

Misunderstandings, the myth of the Pyramid

Sometimes people think that if someone receives a commission on different hierarchical levels or layers in a business, then we have a pyramid. This is false. Each Manager, Chief or Owner wins over work at all levels of the company. Each lower level of the structure makes less money compared to the previous one, and this happens in companies, government agencies, etc.. It is the chain of command, management or hierarchy.


Any business requires capital. Whether the knowledge we gain seniors at school, until the consolidation of a profession as an employee, or as an entrepreneur, which also requires knowledge beyond the monetary capital.

Also in network marketing you have to invest, but in an entirely different way. The system can be compared to an “individual franchise.”

Experts say – The Opinion of a Few ones

Some businessmen and economists have expressed their opinions on traditional network marketing or direct selling

Donald Trump

Billionaire, American entrepreneur, television personality and author. His extravagant lifestyle and the way he acts, bluntly and quite frankly, turned him into a celebrity.

According to him, protesting does not guarantee the future, much less blaming the financial system, the government or companies. If you want a solid future, it is up to you to create it.

Robert Kiyosaki

Entrepreneur and financial educator. In addition to writing a bestseller “Rich Dad Poor Dad” which has been translated into 51 languages in 109 countries and from which has been sold over 28 million copies, he still does not consider himself a great writer.

This is possible once you have your own business. Robert Kiyosaki shows how the network marketing is a feasible system of levers, highly profitable and powerful for entrepreneurs.

Warren Buffett

Bachelor in Economics at Columbia University and New York, he has a fortune estimated at 58 billion dollars, he is the fourth richest man in the world according to “Fortune 500”. He is the owner of Berkshire Hathaway holding. Warren Buffett bought a leading network of American Marketing, and he made the following statement: “It was the best investment I ever made.”

Wall Street Journal

It points that a high percentage of products sold, are by network marketing methods. It is an industry of billions of dollars and 500,000 millionaires in the United States; 20% of them (100,000) have made their fortune in recent years using direct sales systems. Moreover, statistics show 45 people become millionaires every day with this system.

One of the most respected universities in the world it has in its curriculum, network marketing.

Now that you are better informed, enjoy the moment and do something different!

Contact us for information about ARIIX and the entire expansion project in your country.


Let’s make a comparison:

  • In a traditional work in which you are an employee, don’t you invest in yourself every day?
  • To start your own business don’t you have to invest in a space, materials, raw materials, publicity?
  • Don’t you need money for cash flow and to overcome the barrier of the balances of accounts?
  • If you want to open a franchise, don’t you need to have a few thousand just to start?
  • If you make an alliance with someone, won’t you have to start with a capital?
  • I could mention other examples … So why here would be different?
  • You can start with minimum investment, for example € 500, and achieve growth and prosperity with increasing income without limits.

Businessman Profile

  • Anyone who is really willing to work and change the way of living
  • Anyone who needs to spend some time, even part time to business development, even one or two hours a day, and do it with passion.
  • It is for someone who knows how to listen, learn and pass on his knowledge.
  • It is for those who have desires, ambitions.
  • Network marketing is not recommended for lazy, who quit before the first difficulties, which are easily discouraged, or do not have a constructive attitude.
  • Remember that it implies an effort of manpower, it is not the magic formula to make money, but it allows those who do it correctly, to get monetary and personal rewards well above the various systems of conventional income!

Why do people feed objections?

  • Choose the easy way
  • Lack of ambition,
  • Does not like to work,
  • No imagination and little ambition,
  • Not being open to understanding the concept and leverage a network, “I have no money to start”.

It is one of the main objections.It happens in many cases that ultimately the person does not believe in his abilities, and he sees the opportunity as an expense and not as an investment allowing the recovery of money in a very short-term.

If your “problem” is the lack of seed money, look for solutions, you will find the initial capital, allowing you to change your financial situation.

 Is NMO really for me?

  • Are you happy with your financial situation?
  • Do you feel you get what you really deserve?
  • Does your work bring you satisfaction?
  • Do you like to “depend” financially from an employer?
  • Do you enjoy the freedom of not having bosses and also not having employees?
  • Do you really want to change?
  • What are you doing now that allow you one day to earn thousands of € Euros a month?

If you are not satisfied with the above situations, open your mind to new opportunities, as your results are due solely to what you do.
So, if you want something different, you have to do something different. Ask us for information.


Why be with us

Health and wellness are a revolution worth billions of dollars – and is there now..

This sector achieved a turnover of 200 billion dollars in the year 2000. About five years later billing already more than doubled, 500 billion dollars, and this only in the United States. Today is approaching 100 billion dollars.

Why? Since health care in the U.S. represents more than $ 400 million, people need a practical and economical alternative to the syndrome of “care for the sick” as practiced in allopathic or conventional medicine. The aging population has boosted health needs, equally the increasing of the market supply. Consumers are struggling to find solutions.

There is only one company that guarantees fully the concern for the welfare through scientifically proven solutions, and second unique criteria of certificates in the world: ARIIX.

Why do direct sales or network marketing?

This is the modern way to operate in the distribution business. Conventional techniques of advertising and marketing are becoming less effective. In the end, all people share information between friends or groups and make their own networks over the Internet or face to face.

Informal connections and mouth to mouth are emotional references that lead to decisions that are made. With direct sales or network marketing, you have access to a modern and powerful tool to create your own company.


Helping you

We are a team of independent consultants and marketing experts.

We strive to provide all the knowledge and skills of the team members, expanding your activities with ARIIX as a company.

Above all, we are professional and clear.

The human side: Each member is helped according to his specific needs. Although we have systematized training systems, we also offer a training system tailored to the individual.

Our expertise comes from the practice of contracting, monitoring and support in several of the most active countries in the world where ARIIX is established.

We work in different languages and markets.

We are one of the pioneering groups in Europe, and we can help with all our experience and knowledge.

We also have a group of people related to the health field.

Our expansion in Spain extends to all districts and we are willing to support local leaders in all regions.

We organize international events. We have people with the best capabilities in the ARIIXworld. We develop innovative and unique concepts, with the support of tools, proven in the field and are constantly updated to provide maximum benefit to each member.

We show the experience of a successful team that knows how to build both locally and internationally.
If you still are not a reseller, please leave your contacts on this site and get a professional answer. We want to serve you well and we are here to help and answer any questions.

Be also a distributor. Be a winner in the new industry. Choose well. Select a team with proven results.

Join our team of winners. And be one of them!

Why join the group ARIIX-Global

In today’s world, without borders, you simply cannot expect to achieve financial security working for someone else as an employee.

ARIIX offers you total freedom and unlimited opportunity.

It is simply to make money part time, or even to develop a new career. Build your own business from home on a scale you want and create a stable source of income. We provide you the tools, knowledge, support and guidance of experienced professionals in the industry.

Being an Ariix independent consultant gives you the freedom to live according to your pace and desires. You can earn as much as you deserve. You can make a difference in your community and in the world by helping others.

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