Good Fat vs. Bad Fat

People talk so often about good fats and bad fats, the good food sometimes gets a terrible reputation. If you’re worried about making the game good fats / bad fats, there are some things you should keep in mind. Firstly, the healthy fats are good for you. When you consume foods that are naturally high in good fats, can be excellent effects on the health of your body.

Trans fats belong to a type of unsaturated fats that – say, can not be saturated. The result is an increased likelihood of heart disease because no trans fats can be broken down properly and eventually clog the arteries. Trans fats end up in bad cholesterol and why doctors tell you to avoid them.

What is Trans Fat?

Much of the so-called junk food (junk food) which we like, have large amounts of trans fats. Expect to find this type of fat is not healthy, the majority of fast food, many brands of chips and candy and other hiding places where you do not expect. It is important to read the labels to find out how much trans fat is in your food, so you can have a better idea of how your diet is affected in general.

Nowadays, many foods advertise that they have low or no amount of trans fat, but fat is just replaced by something else that is typically unhealthy. Search engines are your best ally in this situation. When it comes to ingredients, it is a big word you can not pronounce, can be an unhealthy chemical added to their food to replace trans fat or something more substantial. Always read the labels!


Healthy fat

Healthy fats can be broken down by the body and are actually beneficial for you. Most nuts, natural peanut butters, avocados good and healthy oils contain fat. Heavy and greasy, vegetable oil is not processed by your body the same way as oil or processed oils naturally, so it is important to be aware of the oils that will work best with your body’s natural chemistry.

Just because something is full of healthy fat does not mean that it can be consumed indiscriminately. Most things also rich in fat accumulates a reasonable amount of calories. As in most foods, moderation is the key. If you do not eat anything else all day besides avocados, nuts and oil will still put “tons” of calories in your body. The best thing to do is to incorporate avocados, nuts, nut butter and oils for healthy meals with vegetables. There is nothing better than a fresh, delicious green salad with chunks of avocado, a little olive oil for seasoning and some dried fruit to become crispy. Packed with Unsaturated fats are excellent good to add other things with less flavor you may be eating.

Remember, not all fats are bad – read the labels can give you lots of information about the factor of healthy fat your favorite foods.

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