What do you think about coffee? Is it a myth or reality?

The expert, Dr. Rob van Damdr rob van dam

Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health, conducted a Coffee Study and health, and the result offers a good news for coffee lovers.

1. What did the research found?

The research comprised the relationship between coffee consumption and mortality in the Nurses’ Healthy Lifestyle and “Health Professionals Follow-Up Study,” which included about 130 thousand volunteers. The study comprised healthy men and women aged between the 40s and 50s, and track your diet and lifestyle habits, including coffee consumption. And the result was that we found no relationship between coffee consumption and increased risk of death from any cause, whether due to cancer or cardiovascular disease. Even people who drank six cups of coffee per day, the risk of death did not increase. This discovery confirms that for the general population, not drinking coffee brings adverse health effects.

2. Why is this discovery so important?

It is a very important finding for those who enjoy drinking coffee! If you want to improve your health, why not focus on other lifestyle factors, such as increasing physical activity, quitting smoking, or eating more whole grains.

3. There is a limit to the amount of coffee that is healthy to drink every day?

It all depends on each body. If you are drinking a lot of coffee that causes tremors, insomnia if you have, or if you feel stressed and uncomfortable, obviously, you’re drinking too much coffee. But in terms of effects on mortality or other health factors, for example, we do not see any negative effects of consuming up to six cups of coffee per day. Please note that in our study and in most studies on coffee a “cup” of coffee is 250 ml, 100 mg of caffeine, and not 330 mg of caffeine which has a large coffee from Starbucks.

4. There is some research that suggests that coffee may have some beneficial effects for health?

Yes, research over the past few years suggests that coffee consumption may protect against type II diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver cancer and liver cirrhosis. And our latest study on coffee and mortality found that people who drink coffee regularly had a slightly lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease than those who rarely drank coffee, this result should be confirmed in other studies.

This conclusion does not fall pregnant women, people who have trouble controlling blood pressure or diabetes.

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