Coffee, Myth or Reality III

8. And people with diabetes can drink coffee?

Studies show that the consumption of decaffeinated or caffeine is associated with a lower risk of type II diabetes. However, if we look rigorous studies in which only give people caffeine, they have to eat something high glucose, leading to insulin levels fall and their blood glucose levels rise more than expected. There are no long-term data on coffee consumption and glucose control. But if people with diabetes have trouble controlling your blood glucose is beneficial change to decaf because the latter reduces the glucose response.

It is possible that there are simply different effects for consumption of short-and long-term coffee and caffeine, and as mentioned before, it is becoming increasingly clear that coffee is much more than caffeine and the health effects that occur in a decaffeinated are often different from what you would expect.

For example, when analyzing the study, it appears that caffeine may be something beneficial, but caffeinated coffee is not true. If you look at blood pressure and compare the effects of caffeinated coffee with caffeine’s effects, will find that caffeinated coffee causes an increase in blood pressure substantially lighter than you would expect for the amount of caffeine it contains. The same is true for the relation between coffee, caffeine, and blood glucose after a meal. It is possible that there are compounds in coffee that can neutralize the effect of caffeine, but we need more research.

9. Drinking coffee made with a filter paper is healthier than drinking boiled or other types?

Coffee contains a substance called cafestol which is a potent stimulator of LDL cholesterol. The cafestol is the oily fraction, and when preparing coffee with a paper filter, the filter is cafestol. Other methods of preparing coffee, boiled coffee as common in Scandinavian countries, French press coffee or Turkish coffee, are much higher in cafestol. Thus, for those who have elevated cholesterol levels or who want to avoid having elevated cholesterol levels is best to choose for filtered coffee filter paper or soluble coffee since they have much lower levels of cafestol or the boiled coffee French press. The Express is the middle ground, because it has less cafestol than boiled or French press and more than filtered coffee with paper.

10. Drinking tea and coffee have similar beneficial effects?

It can be expected that some of the beneficial effects are similar to coffee, tea since some of the compounds are similar. A study in China found that drinking large amounts of Oolong tea, one liter per day is beneficial for glycemic control in people with diabetes. However, research on the tea in the United States, there is shown the same type of beneficial effect that we see for coffee, probably because people who drink tea drink is weaker and less quantity.

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