Coffee, Myth or Reality II

5. Why is it that there are doubts about whether coffee is good or bad for health?

Often people think of coffee as a vehicle supplier of caffeine. But actually, it is a very complex beverage with hundreds of different compounds. Thus, drinking it can lead to very different results in health. It may be good for some things and bad for others, and this is not necessarily inconsistent. That’s why we do studies on very specific effects on health, for example, studies of how coffee affects the risk of diabetes, but also performed other studies such as this, where we look at coffee consumption versus mortality over a long period time, studying the effect on general health.

coffeeThe cafe is also a bit more complex to study than some other food items. Drink up often with tobacco, and a lifestyle that is not very healthy. For example, people who drink a lot of coffee tend to exercise less. They are less likely to use dietary supplements, and tend to have a less healthy diet. Thus, the first studies on the effects of coffee on health, it was difficult to separate the effects of smoking coffee and the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Over the decades when the coffee has been studied, there are some reports that coffee can increase the risk of certain types of cancer or the risk of heart disease. But studies conducted better, as just mentioned, with lots of information about all the other factors of lifestyle and a real effort to control these factors, we found, as people feared, many of these bad effects of coffee.

6. What is the latest research on the risks of coffee or caffeine during pregnancy?

For pregnant women, there was a little controversy about whether high intake of coffee or caffeine can increase the risk of miscarriage.

There is no conclusive answer, but we know that caffeine crosses the placenta and reaches the fetus, and the fetus is sensitive to caffeine, and metabolizes very slowly. Then, to pregnant women is prudent to reduce consumption to a low level, for example, a cup per day.

7. People with high blood pressure should consider reducing coffee intake?

We know that if people are not used to ingest any caffeine, and to begin to use the blood pressure rises them substantially. After caffeine consumption for one week, we can see that the effect is less pronounced, since there is less rise in blood pressure. After several weeks of continued consumption of caffeine, blood pressure has only increased slightly. In studies examining the incidence of hypertension in the general population who drinks coffee with caffeine, it was found that the consumption is not associated with a substantial increase in risk. But if people have hypertension and are hard to control, they should switch to decaf.

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