What sets Mother Teresa and Bill Gates apart from the rest of us? What makes a genuinely philanthropic, giving person different? What makes them tick?

The average person doesn’t dedicate the majority of their life to the service of others or a large portion of their wealth to improving international health and reducing poverty. Extremely generous people tick differently. They are wired in just a way that they can’t help but give as much as possible. And perhaps by looking into the characteristics that set these people apart, we can learn to become more like them ourselves.

Generous people care. People that give truly and freely do so because they care. They love mankind and hope to see a better world. They hate to see others suffer and are willing to do something about it.

Generous people have no expectations. Some people actually give to get, but truly generous people give simply to give. They don’t ask for anything in return. The only benefit they receive is the knowledge that they’re doing their part to improve the world.

Generous people are optimistic. People that give don’t look at the glass half empty. They don’t get tangled up in the misbelief that their small contribution is seemingly worthless in the grander scale. They recognize the impact they can make through their giving and they continue doing it.

Generous people have humility. They don’t give in order to impress others. They don’t broadcast how much money they donate or their impressive works of service. They do so quietly and humbly.

Generous people are patient. Giving of your time and talents often requires patience. The world isn’t going to change overnight. People who are giving understand that this process takes time.

Generous people have purpose. They understand that life is about more than them. It’s about humankind in its entirety. Generous people acknowledge their part in the overall scheme of things and actively pursue their role to make the world a better place.

Generous people are energetic. It takes a lot of energy to give of yourself. It requires time and motivation too. People who give not only tend to be more energetic, but also become even more energized by the very act of giving to others.

Generous people are leaders. They take a stand for their cause and help spur others into action. They recognize areas of need and help connect people and resources to fill these gaps.

Do you wish you were a more giving person? Generosity doesn’t always come naturally for some of us, but it’s our hope that this list of characteristics will help reveal areas to cultivate in your own life to become a truly giving person.

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