Whether you’re the CEO of your company, a startup entrepreneur, an employee working your way up the corporate ladder, or venturing out on your own as a business owner, there are many important qualities you should adopt in order to be successful.

While sometimes business success is just bum luck and being in the right place with the right idea or skill set at the right time, it more often than not requires certain personality traits to be among the most outstanding. Here’s a list of traits you should consider honing in order to skyrocket your business professionalism.

Work ethic. To make it anywhere as a business person, you’re going to need a certain level of work ethic. Work ethic is a term that means many things to different people, but at the most basic, it includes a person’s sense of integrity, the level of responsibility they take in their position, and their emphasis on quality work.

Passionate. To be truly outstanding in your role, you must have passion. You must be able to see your position within the bigger whole of the corporate structure. You must be able to align to your company’s mission and really take it to heart. Passion means you’re excited to go to work every day because you truly believe in what you and your company are doing.

Visionary. The businesses that do the best are those that take antiquated processes and procedures and devise new, innovative methods for getting things done more effectively. A successful business person will be able to think outside the box in order to find solutions that make the company operate more successfully and run more smoothly.

Dependable. Not only do your coworkers and employees rely on you, but your clients do as well. If you aren’t reliable, your business reputation might start to be affected. You can start being reliable today by practicing punctuality, being present at meetings, and successfully task-mastering every assignment or project that you have.

Motivated. There’s nothing wrong with staying in one position for the majority of your life, but if you want to be incredibly successful, attracting new clients and promoting your business, you’ll have to have motivation. It’s key for upward mobility as well as expansion. Furthermore, if you are unmotivated, likely your team will be as well.

Resilient. Business is a dog-eat-dog world sometimes. There will be mistakes here and there, but avoiding them is not what’s important. The is key is how you bounce back after making an error. Your recovery from failure tells a lot about your tenacity as a business person. Look for every lesson you can find when something goes wrong, learn from it, and move on.

Inspiring. Strive to be a business person that others respect and are inspired by. You’ll encourage confidence in your team and your company’s overall mission. Be a role model to younger business people; a person who can be looked up to by others for a track record of integrity and hard work.

When it comes to business, it takes a wide variety of people with different personality traits to make a company run successfully. You may not have some of these characteristics. You may excel at others not listed here. The point is, find your strong suits and apply them to the business arena. Give everything you’ve got, and when you can give more, refer to this list and start striving to instill these traits in yourself.

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