furniture restoration

and object conservation

B.R. Howard's furniture restoration and object conservation experience includes clock restoration, sports memorabilia and others.



About furniture restoration and object conservation

Many historical pieces of furniture have passed through many generations. These objects were used and have imperfections, but that is what can make them special or adds to that piece’s story. As we look to conserve objects like these, we rely on the end goal of the object. Will it be for exhibition in a museum or are we preparing it for long-term storage? For private clients, this piece may be placed in a home for display. All of these factors help us determine the best courses of action in creating a conservation treatment plan. Depending on the object and its history, we might take specific action to preserve certain imperfections or details of the object if it directly ties to its historical significance. Our conservation specialists have extensive experience with various materials including wood, textiles, metals, plasters, and beyond.

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