Management Team


ARIIX was founded by some big names in the industry, almost all former USANA company executives, and that have transformed a company of $ 1.5 million in one of the largest network marketing companies in the world.



Fred Cooper Dr. Fred Cooper, PhD : Former USANA CEO and President. Fred Cooper, ARIIX CEO, has a perfect view of what should be a last generation Network Marketing  company that offers to its members a wide range of innovative products and probably the best compensation plan in the industry. The “Auto-Balancing” is revolutionary and is just one of the factors that make the ARIIX Compensation Plan Active 8 is unique and subject to pending. Fred Cooper is one of the world experts in direct sales business management, he is known for his personality, fun, energetic, human, simple and with a passion for helping others. He has two doctorates in statistics and is founder of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Utah. Fred is one of the co-founders of ARIIX.
Mark Wilson Mark Wilson : : Former sales vice president of USANA. Mark Wilson is the CEO of ARIIX. His love for people and his passion for teaching others to stimulate entrepreneurship, is the reason why it is a strong supporter of network marketing. Mark has over 23 years experience in the direct selling industry controlling every aspect of independent distributors. With his previous experience to generate millions of dollars in business, Mark learned the importance of a close collaboration between management and independent distributors, ensuring that the needs of the latter are always first. Mark is one of the co-founders of ARIIX.
Jeff Yates Jeff Yates : Former CFO of USANA. Jeff is a certified public accountant and has a BS and MS in Accounting from one of the largest accounting schools in the world. He brings to the new company over 26 years of leadership experience in finance and accounting. Jeff is responsible for the company’s financial reports, accounting, tax, treasury, investor relations and human resources. He works closely with Riley Timmer forthe international expansion ARIIX.
Riley Timmer Riley Timmer : Former chief financial officer of USANA. Riley Timmer, leading ARIIX international expansion, working with individuals and companies around the world. During the first 18 months after opening, Riley helped the company to open 11 different international markets. He is co-founder of ARIIX, and plays the role of chief of operations. Riley brings over a decade of experience in managing global business, with a focus towards global solutions to ensure that ARIIX is an ideal solution for those looking to take their health and life in general from good to great.
Dr. Ray Strand, MD Dr. Ray Strand, MD : Former member of the scientific advisory board of USANA as a doctor member. Dr. Ray Strand is one of the most recognized physicians worldwide in natural health and wellness – nutrition. He supports the assertion of who is considered the father of modern medicine – Hippocrates, “Let your food be your medicine …” Dr. Ray Strand has written several books as a result of their research and accumulated knowledge. One of the best known books of this author is “What Your Doctor Does not Know About Nutritional Medicine” “.
Deanna Latson Deanna Latson : World-renowned nutritionist, multinational trainer and lecturer. Deanna Latson is the director of products development. She is a recognized expert in nutrition and since 1996. Deanna has been a lecturer, consultant and speaker, writer and she belonged to some of the largest universities and companies worldwide. Her passion for perfection is to make the ARIIX product line would be innovative and top quality throughout the industry. She brought some of the brightest minds in medicine for the ARIIX team. Deanna is also co-founder of ARIIX.
Tim Sales Tim Sales: Worldwide reference in network marketing, one of the world’s most respected experts in the direct selling industry. Video lessons as Brilliant Compensation were seen globaly. Tim realized the lack of training of the people who joined the network marketing and training centers so he founded a school to train entrepreneurs. As a result of this, he is known internationally as one of the strongest advocates of direct distribution – Tim Sales MLM. He was interviewed live on the famous program “Larry King.” He is the No.1 ARIIX dealer and he is committed to the success of this company, and the formation of this team of distributors.
Robert Allen Robert Allen : Author of “Best Sellers” ranking second in the New York Times, financial expert, successful coach, former USANA distributor with the best returns. Robert is one of the most successful distributors who joined ARIIX. He is an expert in finance and has been the traditional business leader. Their expertise in various business disciplines are a key element in today’s business.


The main drivers of growth of ARIIX international activity are its General Director (CEO), Dr. Fred Cooper, and President Mark Wilson.

Dr. Fred Cooper, former president and CEO of USANA spent 13 years in outside counsel and ascended to the position of CEO. As a result of his work, USANA reached global recognition and achieved more than seven years of consecutive growth and international expansion to more than 10 countries.

Dr. Fred Cooper also created and founded a company called iCentris that sells software systems used in most direct selling companies and has been hired by many companies as a consultant, since it is one of the experts in business management of direct sales and in particular the compensation plans. He is also Professor of Statistics and Mathematics at the University of Utah.

ARIIX President, Mark Wilson, is a successful businessman and along his whole life, from the age of 20 has created direct sales companies. It was also USANA vice president of sales, working closely with Dr. Fred Cooper.

With the combined experience of other directors, it is as if the ARIIX management team would have over 125 years of experience in this sector. Thus, we can sustai than  that of ARIIX is really a dream team, with a tremendous track record of building successful companies in network marketing.