Art collection management software: list of 10 solutions


How an art collection management software can help

When we are busy, so many important aspects about our day can fall by the wayside. We can get overwhelmed by the amount of work and not know how to prioritize. Thankfully, there are a ton of great tools that have been developed that can help us work more efficiently. Dare I say, even be organized. In the museum and curatorial world, one particular area that needs extra love and care is the management of art collections. Regardless of whether a museum has a collection of 200 or 200,000, utilizing an art collection management software can be beneficial. 

Museums, collectors, and artists can all benefit from art collection management software systems.

Museums, collectors, and artists can all benefit from art collection management software systems.

What are the benefits of art collection management software?

  1. Track status: is the piece loaned out, or on display? 

  2. More visibility: some web-based solutions even offer an optional mini-site for users to view parts of your collection online

  3. Stay maintained: log conservation treatments and keep track of what still needs completed

  4. Create reports: make condition assessments, export inventory, download exhibition collection lists, and more

  5. Organize storage: manage what is in storage and where 

  6. Sell online: for artists, some solutions integrate with e-commerce systems like Shopify

  7. Mobile friendly: most online solutions are available on desktop, tablet, and most phones

  8. Make notes for conservation requests and condition reports

Who can use art collection management software?

  • Artists

  • Galleries

  • Museums

  • Collectors

  • Conservators

  • Curators

List of art collection management software solutions

How to pick an art management solution

Before choosing a solution, make sure you take time to do your research and explore free trials. Most systems have a set of features that are pretty standard among solutions, but they will each have their own benefits that are unique to themselves. You’ll need to determine the problem areas that are specific to your collection management needs. Keeping track of your collection is great not only for your museum, but also for creating maintenance plans and adding exciting content to your website like an interactive map of your public art.

Remember, getting your art collection management software set up may take some time, but in the end it will save you lots of headaches and make your workflow smoother. Good luck!